Vikas Sweets has been one of the most loved and prominent names in Aligarh, for a lifetime of 4 decades now. It has built a strong legacy of heavenly delicacies, and traditional Indian Sweets. We have nurtured our bond with the people of Aligarh with delicious, velvety creation of sweets and snacks.

The beginning of Vikas Sweets was marked in the 1972, and we’ve evolved everyday. From our work processes, to our relationship with our valued customers, we’ve always aimed to achieve the ultimate purity. Hence, the choicest of ingredients, purest desi ghee, and hygiene goes into the making of our products. And we haven’t limited ourselves with just the classics, but we’ve also innovated a range of products that are as good as the classics.

We’ve earned quite a lot of praises and appreciation, not just in Aligarh, but all over the country and overseas too. And we aim to work with as much vigour

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and dedication to be the ultimate name that the world stops at to look for the purest and tastiest Indian delicacies!